Our Food & Drink Policy

Any meals/snacks provided by the Pre-School will be nutritious & pay due attention to children’s particular dietary requirements. We offer home cooked lunches which you can pre-book from the menu provided at a cost of £2.60 per meal, or you are welcome to send in a lunch box.

Lunch Time

At lunch time, staff sit with the children at individual tables, reinforcing communal eating behaviour and to ensure they do not eat each other’s food. Staff will make all reasonable efforts to encourage children to eat their lunch – always consulting you in the case of the non-eating child.

They are encouraged to sit at the table for approximately 20 minutes – either eating/drinking or interacting with the other children. After this time, they may leave the table to pursue a quiet activity whilst others finish.

Please note that the following foods are not permitted: nuts and nut products – peanut butter, nutty chocolate bars, nutty chocolate spreads, sesame seeds and pine nuts. Please check labels carefully and be aware that products such as cereal bars, pesto and hummus often contain these ingredients. Please ensure cherry tomatoes, cocktail sausages and whole grapes are cut in half lengthways.


Water is available at all times for the children to access themselves or on request. We offer milk or water at snack time. We do not offer any other type of drink. This rule has been made on the advice of the British Dental Association concerning the detrimental effects of juice and squash upon infant teeth when given other than at mealtimes. You may put any type of drink in your child’s lunch box to have with their lunch.

Snack time

We provide a selection of prepared fruits or vegetables at snack time in the morning and cheese biscuits in the afternoon at Pre-School. Children can choose from the selection which they would like to eat, and will be encouraged to choose a good variety.

You are required to inform the Pre-School of any allergies or medical conditions which restrict your child’s diet.