Fees & Times

We are open Mon – Fri 8am – 6pm (8am – 5.45pm Fri) term time only.

  • Breakfast Club: 8am – 8.45am
  • After-School Club: 3pm – 6pm (5.45pm on Fridays)

Our current fees are £5.55 for breakfast club (£5.85 for ad-hoc booking). 

A shorter after-school club session is available from 3pm-4.30pm for £6.75 (£7.85 for ad-hoc booking) or the full session from 3pm-6pm (5.45pm on Fridays) with a healthy cold tea is available for £14.15 (£15.85 for adhoc bookings). 

Late Collection of children- Please note that it is important for the children and staff that children are collected promptly. Whilst we appreciate that delays are sometimes unavoidable, we do reserve the right to charge to cover our costs, as staff may have to be paid overtime. There will be no charge for the first five minutes but a charge of £1 per minute thereafter. If you are going to be late collecting your child, you must notify the setting. Failure to do so will mean that the setting are obliged to contact the local authority children’s social care team. This is a legal requirement 

If your child is eligible to receive the extra 15hrs of government funding (Extended Funding) you can use this towards sessions at Pre-School or the Out of School Club.

You can book ad-hoc sessions if we have availability, please give us at least 48 hours notice.

Term Times


Tuesday 5 September – Friday 20 October

(Inset Day Friday 1 September – Staff only – School Closed to Children)
(Inset Day Monday 4 September – Staff only – School Closed to Children)

Half-Term Monday 23 October – Friday 27 October

(Inset Day Monday 30 October – Staff only – School Closed to Children)

Tuesday 31 October – Tuesday 19 December


Thursday 4 January – Friday 9 February

Half-Term Monday 12 February – Friday 16 February

Monday 19 February – Thursday 28 March


Monday 15 April – Friday 24 May

May Day holiday – Monday 6 May – Setting Closed

Half-Term Monday 27 May – Friday 31 May

Monday 3 June – Friday 19 July

(Inset Day Monday 22 July – Staff only – School Closed to Children)
(Inset Day Tuesday 23 July – Staff only – School Closed to Children)